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2017 Yard of the Month Awards

May -    2521 Province Greene - 1st Place
May -    2513 Province Greene - 2nd Place

June -     2520 Weyburn Drive -     1st Place
June -     2508 Province Greene  - 2nd Place
July -       593 Weyburn Drive -      1st Place
July -       2505 Calgary Place -      2nd Place

Keep in mind the Yard of The Month
carries a $50.00 cash award for first place
and $25.00 award for 2nd place.

Yard of the Month Judging Criteria
Lack of Clutter
2. Healthy fluffy grass with few weeds
3. Lots of color and life to the yard
4. Bushes and shrubs trimmed
5. Driveways and sidewalks edged and clean
6. Uniqueness
7. Beds are well attended and weed-free
8. Overall Beauty and Curb Appeal

Board Members:
President - Wendy Hays
VP - Diana Sturdevant
Secretary - Stacy Hendrix
Architecture - Board Rep. - Wendy Hays
Landscape - Board Rep. - Diana Sturdevant

Be Alert - there was a break-in, province Greene, Monday, June 27th.  If you see something - say something


Good News for Province Greene Homeowners

D. Sturdevant learned of the option of our neighborhood becoming a "Recognized Community", for the City of Concord; submitted the application, with documents required. Approved 8/10/2015.

Benefits: We can reserve meeting rooms (as a priority) at local Fire Station #7.

We are assigned a Concord City Staff Liaison member who can attend our meetings and assist us. His name is Lloyd Payne, Assistant City Manager.

There are multiple city activities and all are welcome to participate. See this website:

We have access to upcoming City Council meeting schedules w/agendas.

There is a Code Enforcement Area for each part of the city. We are designated to Area 5 and our police contact is: Chuck Brock. He can assist with general questions and attend our meetings to address concerns for Province Greene.

We can access the Citilink Newsletter just subscribe via Concord City website noted above. This newsletter covers news, events, agendas and upcoming construction projects

Province Greene Homeowners Association
PMB 140
366 George Liles Parkway
Concord, NC  28027

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