Province Greene Homeowners Association

About Us

Province Greene Homeowners Association is a North Carolina Non Profit Corporation whose mission is to represent the neighborhood and provide for common area maintenance and upkeep, future architectural development standards, homeowners' compliance to neighborhood restrictive covenants and maintenance standards and to support maximum property values. 

Membership - Ownership of property within Province Greene automatically grants Association membership to the property owner.  Continued participation and voting rights are ensured by timely payment of the annual Association dues.

Board of Directors  - Elected by the membership, one director per year, the three Directors each serve a term of three years.  The offices of President and Vice President are one year term offices and must be filled from among the three Directors and elected by the three directors.  The offices of Secretary and Treasurer are one year terms and can be filled by any member of the Association.

Current Board Members are: 

President: Wendy Hays 
VP: Aaron Pharr
Secretary: Stacy Hendrix
Treasurer: Rovert Higbee
Committees  - There are two standing committees; Architectural Control and Landscape. The Board representative for the Architectural Control Committee is Aaron Pharr.  The Board representative for Landscape is Tony Beerbhajan. From time to time, the Board will create a mission specific committee.  We can always use volunteers for committees. Always!

Common Area - Currently PGHOA common area ownership is limited to the entrance signs and the mechanical water and electrical structure to support them, and a small buffer of land following the fence line at the State Right of Way along George W. Liles Parkway.

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Please use the "Contact Us" page to let us know how you would like to help.

Province Greene Homeowners Association
PMB 140
366 George Liles Parkway
Concord, NC  28027

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